Monday, May 21, 2012

Pete Gutierrez and Jeanette Gutierrez Allegedly Prepare Returns Claiming False Deductions and Tax Credits


WASHINGTON – The United States has sued Pete Gutierrez and Jeanette Gutierrez, who do business as Fast Cash Refund Express and Fast Cash Refund Express Electronic Services, seeking to bar them and their companies from preparing any federal tax returns for others, the Justice Department announced today. In addition to the Gutierrezes, the civil injunction suit also named FCRE Inc., and Fast Cash Refund Express Electronic Tax Service LLC, as defendants.

According to the government complaint, the Gutierrezes, a married couple from San Antonio, use their companies to prepare federal tax returns for customers who claim false and exaggerated personal deductions, business deductions and education and energy tax credits in order to understate the customers’ tax liabilities unlawfully.

According to the complaint, of the tax returns prepared by the Gutierrezes through their companies for 2008 through 2010 that the Internal Revenue Service has audited, over 96 percent resulted in the customers owing additional taxes. The complaint alleges that the understatements of tax on these returns exceeded $2 million.

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Mark Randall @ tax relief said...

What makes criminals believe they can so easily get away with tax fraud? The IRS is a huge institution that they should fear.