Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dennis Glick of Huntington Valley, Penn.,Convicted of Tax Crimes


WASHINGTON – Dennis Glick of Huntington Valley, Penn., was found guilty today by a federal jury in Philadelphia of corruptly endeavoring to obstruct and impede the Internal Revenue laws and willfully preparing false tax returns, the Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced today. District Judge Petrese Tucker presided over the case.

According to testimony and evidence presented at trial, Glick, a certified public accountant, prepared materially false tax returns for his client Jonathon Felix, previously indicted for the years 1999 through 2002. The evidence showed that Glick did this in 2004, despite knowing that Felix was the owner of an S corporation called United Professional Plans Inc. (UPPI) and that Felix had removed such significant funds from UPPI during these years that he caused UPPI to lose its clients and close down.

Glick falsified Felix’s tax returns by including fabricated management fee figures on these returns to get to a “break even point”—i.e., to yield a small refund in each year. In addition, the testimony and evidence proved that when federal law enforcement agents asked Glick about these management fees, he lied about what he did on two occasions. Glick’s criminal conduct caused a tax loss of over $400,000 to the IRS.

Glick faces a maximum punishment of up to 15 years in prison and a $1.25 million fine. Judge Tucker scheduled sentencing for Jan. 9, 2012.

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