Monday, September 26, 2011

Federal Court Bars Damian Jackson and His Wife, Holly Jackson, From Preparing Federal Tax Returns for Others


WASHINGTON - The United States has asked a federal court in Detroit to bar Damian Jackson and his wife, Holly Jackson, from preparing federal tax returns for others, the Justice Department announced today. According to the government complaint, the civil injunction lawsuit also seeks to bar the Jacksons, of Sterling Heights, Mich., and a third defendant, Tammy Daniels, an attorney from Farmington Hills, Mich., from promoting an alleged tax-fraud scheme.

According to the complaint, the Jacksons and their business, Diamond & Associates Enterprises LLC, along with Daniels, operate “Diamond Tax Services” and promote a scheme involving the preparation of fraudulent federal income tax returns for customers seeking large tax refunds based on a frivolous theory called “redemption” or “commercial redemption.” The complaint alleges that Damian Jackson, a minister at the Perfecting Church in Detroit, prepares tax returns that claim huge fraudulent refunds based on fabricated income-tax withholding reported on false Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Forms 1099-OID. The complaint further alleges that Holly Jackson transmits the false forms to the IRS. Damian Jackson allegedly became acquainted with a significant percentage of his customers, which include a fellow minister, through the Perfecting Church.

According to the complaint, the IRS catches most frivolous refund requests before refunds are issued, but the defendants’ scheme has caused the IRS to issue at least $1.6 million in erroneous refunds to the defendants’ customers. Federal tax returns prepared under the auspices of Diamond Tax Services have allegedly sought more than $29 million in fraudulent refunds for more than 180 customers, and the Jacksons allegedly requested $2.5 million in bogus refunds on their personal tax returns, according to the complaint.

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