Saturday, May 28, 2011

Federal Court Bars Shelia Young, Deane Young and Kennith Defoor From Preparing Federal Tax Returns


WASHINGTON - A federal court has barred a family of tax preparers in Overgaard, Ariz., from preparing federal tax returns for others, the Justice Department announced today. The court’s preliminary injunction order against Shelia Young, Deane Young and Kennith Defoor will remain in effect while a related criminal case against the defendants proceeds in court.

The government complaint in the civil injunction case alleged that the Youngs and Defoor promoted fraudulent tax schemes through their companies, Accurate Consulting LLC, and D4 Accounting, Consulting, Tax Services Inc. According to the complaint, these schemes included manipulating the amount of income and federal tax withholdings claimed on their customers’ tax returns, resulting in bogus claims for tax refunds. The complaint further states that, since 2001, the Youngs and Defoor prepared at least 337 federal tax returns requesting fraudulent tax refunds, often in amounts exceeding $100,000.

The three family members allegedly prepared frivolous tax returns that cumulatively claimed more than $24 million in fraudulent refunds and resulted in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issuing approximately $2.3 million in erroneous refunds. The complaint alleged that the Youngs and Defoor asserted fraudulent “zero income” and “commercial redemption” tax schemes and regularly submitted false IRS forms on behalf of their customers that reported both fictitious interest income and tax withholdings.

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